Morning Intention: Simplicity

“Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world.” (George Sand) ** Morning Intention: To remember that simplicity comes from letting things be complicated. This world is a place of complication. Our schedules are fragmented by so many commitments; our relationships are fragmented by so many desires. In the midst of this, it’s […]

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The Work of Being Right Here

Everyone wants to do someone else’s work, but no one wants to do his own. It’s easy for me to stand on a corner listening to a couple fight and think, “You guys aren’t developing good communication!” But put me in a situation where my own buttons get pushed — for example, someone accusing me […]

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Carry Each Other

We have to carry each other, just as the song says. It is good that, as a culture, we are now talking more freely about dysfunctional partnerships and co-dependent dynamics, but we often go too far in believing that we can control the destiny of our relationships. You cannot control destiny; you can only control […]

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Strength In Apologies

Learn how to apologize, for till you can admit the ways you have harmed others, you will not heal yourself. We live in a culture so full of public shaming and mob justice that we often think of apologizing as submitting to abuse and humiliation (“Never apologize,” John Wayne said. “It makes you look weak.) […]

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